Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Furniture Line: Conrad's Studio

We have an impressive line of furniture in the shop. Our newest collection is built right here in Portland, and has a laid back, danish modern style. All pieces here in the shop are made out of West Coast Walnut and can be made to your specifications.

Conrad's T.V. Stash is a great way to create a statement in your room while creating storage for your television.

This low key coffee table looks like it is balancing like a surfboard on top of a nice fluent set of legs.

His style may be laid back but he keeps with traditional furniture techniques and creates with a percentage of reclaimed wood and low VOC options specifically for our shop. We will be adding to his collection over the next few months, so come on in and see it in person!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seams to Fit Home joins the Eclectic Home Space

The summer is getting off to a special start with a new addition to the space. Seems to Fit Home, a boutique consignment furniture shop, is curating their own collection right here under one roof. A unique assortment of accessories and heirloom furniture marked at a steal of a price. We hope you find the collaboration as great as we do and possibly a special something will catch your eye when you stop by the shop again.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eco-Friendly Chair Reupholstery

We have a visitor in the shop. One 40's fusion chair completely reupholstered as an organic seat. Acanthus, an eco-friendly fabric, furniture and upholstery shop has reclaimed a classic frame with healthy ingredients.

A reclaimed frame makes for a seat that is straight out of the 40's. The elements of design, short seat height, shallow seat depth and round features set this chair back in time. The elements of construction, latex cushion, wool batting, and certified upholstery create an organic chair for today.

Perfect for the small in stature. It is sure to find a place in one lovely home.

Come check it out and learn more about organic seating through our resources, Acanthus and Zola Eco-Friendly Furnishings.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Youth Mattress From Organic Mattresses, Inc.

Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) has expanded their line of mattresses to suit the whole family. They have created a certified organic mattress for toddlers and it can be seen here in the shop.

OMI has partnered with, Healthy Child Healthy World, as a way to inform parents about their options when creating a low impact environment for their family. As a mattress company, OMI has given families a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle without giving up the luxury of a good nights sleep.

Read more about the new OrganicPedic Youth Mattress by Organic Mattresses, Inc.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Organic Goods You Shouldn't Comprimise On.

When seeking out organic goods it is easy to know what we don't want. But, wouldn't it be nice to know what we do want when choosing to buy organic? put out a list of 12 Things You Should Definitely Buy Organic. Over half of the items on the list are food products, which is expected, but in a city like this we know there is more to organic than what we eat. We were happy to see, a product we are very familiar with, the mattress, found a place on the list. The bedroom is a great place to start when considering ways to create a healthy home.

This slide show is more than a recommendation, it provides information that can lead to a deeper search into the organic world. It does a good job in explaining why they recommend what they do, and provide you with other avenues to research for yourself.

Maybe you'll learn something new today!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Learn More about Creating a Healthy Bedroom

Find ways to go beyond the organic mattress in your room and gain the tools to create your ideal resting place.

If you are searching for ways to make your bedroom a healthy sleeping space we hear that Eco-Remedi is putting on a tele-class to help you learn more about creating one. The tele-class is an online event that will offer professional opinions on what makes a healthy bedroom.

Fit Home: "Bedrooms with Benefits"
will cover top secrets from professional designers, environmental health specialists, LEED architects, nutritionists, and even a loveologist!

If you are interested in learning more, follow the link to the "Bedrooms with Benefits" flier.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How To Waterproof an Organic Mattress

All great beds deserve great protection and organics always seem to find an interesting alternative for your needs. We have found that some people like to keep with the traditional ways of protecting a mattress and some people are curious to find a modern way to do the same.

Here you will find three very different ways to protect your mattress from moisture in a healthy way.

Wool Mattress Protector
aka. puddle pad, moisture barrier, felted pad

Wool is a traditional way to protect a mattress from all things wet. This method has stood the test of time for a reason, it does the job very well. Here you have an organic solution that uses nothing but the natural wool fiber. The fiber is woven together and felted to create a coarse yet soft surface. The process of felting is what gives the product the ability to repel water so it puddles up on top of the protector, instead of absorbing into the fiber. This type of protector is not able to be washed, and is usually paired with a cotton mattress pad.

One additional benefit to using wool as the primary form of protection is its capability to regulate temperature. The fiber will keep the body at a desirable temperature all through the night.

When searching for a wool protector.

Feel the fiber.
You will be able to feel the individual fibers easily. It will be coarse like a close cut beard.

Look closely.
You will be able to see the raised fibers, this is how to tell it is a repellent protector.

Organic Cotton Mattress Pad

aka. flannel mattress pad

Anther traditional way of creating a barrier between outside inhabitants and your mattress is another natural fiber. Cotton, that is quilted together to form a thick, tight cover is a popular solution for most adults and teens. It does not act as a repellent, instead it absorbs a good amount of moisture before it has time to make contact with the mattress. If you are concerned about excessive moisture this is a good product to pair with a wool moisture barrier because the cotton pad can easily be washed.

Waterpoof Organic Cotton Mattress Barrier
aka. fitted sheet moisture barrier, recycled polyurethane barrier

Waterproof and organic? This is an up and coming alternative to the vinyl material that used to be used as a fail safe way to protect a mattress from all things wet. Here you have an organic cotton fitted sheet that has a recycled polyurethane coating on the underside. In order to add the waterproof element to the product an engineered substance is introduced to the manufacturing process of the product. This means, plastic products, like bottles and bags, that would have been thrown away are now given a new life as a mattress protector. On the top side you have an ultra soft 100% organic cotton and on the other you have a thin, completely breathable protective barrier. The polyurethane used in this product is inert, there is no off gassing or PVC in the product.

It too comes with an added benefit, it can double as both a fitted sheet and the mattress protector.

When searching for a cotton protector

Feel the product.
The topside should feel nice and smooth like other organic cottons you have felt and the product as a whole should be very flexible, not stiff.

Ask questions.
Be sure that the protective coating is innate, and has no off gassing. You can feel confident if it is recycled it will be an innate product.

When searching for an organic way to moisture proof your mattress these three options are a great way to protect your mattress and are available here in the shop for you to take home today!