Thursday, July 25, 2013

Natural Memory Foam??

 July 25th 2013

Three Companies Barred from Advertising Mattresses as Free From Volatile Organic Compounds Without Scientific Evidence to Back Up Claims

The Federal Trade Commission today announced a settlement against 3 mattress companies.  When you see a company that advertises 'natural memory foam' make sure that they can back up their claim.  Chances are there is as much hot air in their mattresses as there is petroleum and other chemicals.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Urban Woods: Kirei Inlay | Table and Bedframe

Our showroom will always have a place for sun bathed, reclaimed wood. When that is mixed with a unique fiber like kirei, the pairing of texture and flair work well together.
Kirei is being used here as a focal point on a dining table we currently have in the shop. This is an example of one of the lightest colors available. If you are interested you can find more information on the Urban Woods furniture line on our site.
Our newest bed frame by Urban Woods. All frames are made to order. We can source kirei in a range of natural brown to green-grey colors. Stop by the shop to see examples of color and texture. Follow to see more Urban Woods bed frames. Trevor makes kirei inlay look great in many different forms. We are looking forward to teaching you more about this special line of furniture.

Friday, July 20, 2012

One Sprinter ready to travel!

This is one vehicle we have been testing out and thinking about for a while. It is turning out to be a great fit.

The Sprinter has just enough room to fit a King Size Mattress. This month it has been to the coast and back.

We are starting to chart our trips, see where we have been.


We are looking forward to our next destination. If you would like to learn more about our mattresses follow the link to our site. You will find pages on, organic mattresses options, organic bedding options, and questions about organic sleep.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Naturepedic arrives at Eclectic Home

Naturepedic mattresses are the gold standard in crib, toddler and youth mattresses. Having the finest organic sleep products is our mission so we are pleased to add Naturepedic to our store. Naturepedic is also adding premium organic adult mattresses to their line-up. We expect to have the individually pocketed coil adult mattress in the store by June 1. Stop by soon to see the display of Naturpedic youth products.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Furniture Line: Conrad's Studio

We have an impressive line of furniture in the shop. Our newest collection is built right here in Portland, and has a laid back, danish modern style. All pieces here in the shop are made out of West Coast Walnut and can be made to your specifications.

Conrad's T.V. Stash is a great way to create a statement in your room while creating storage for your television.

This low key coffee table looks like it is balancing like a surfboard on top of a nice fluent set of legs.

His style may be laid back but he keeps with traditional furniture techniques and creates with a percentage of reclaimed wood and low VOC options specifically for our shop. We will be adding to his collection over the next few months, so come on in and see it in person!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seams to Fit Home joins the Eclectic Home Space

The summer is getting off to a special start with a new addition to the space. Seems to Fit Home, a boutique consignment furniture shop, is curating their own collection right here under one roof. A unique assortment of accessories and heirloom furniture marked at a steal of a price. We hope you find the collaboration as great as we do and possibly a special something will catch your eye when you stop by the shop again.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eco-Friendly Chair Reupholstery

We have a visitor in the shop. One 40's fusion chair completely reupholstered as an organic seat. Acanthus, an eco-friendly fabric, furniture and upholstery shop has reclaimed a classic frame with healthy ingredients.

A reclaimed frame makes for a seat that is straight out of the 40's. The elements of design, short seat height, shallow seat depth and round features set this chair back in time. The elements of construction, latex cushion, wool batting, and certified upholstery create an organic chair for today.

Perfect for the small in stature. It is sure to find a place in one lovely home.

Come check it out and learn more about organic seating through our resources, Acanthus and Zola Eco-Friendly Furnishings.