Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Is It That Makes Silk So Irresistable?

We just received our first order of DreamSacks Silk Pillowcases and thought you may like to hear our take on a highly sought after fiber.

It has a luminesent color, it makes you feel great, and even gives you a pillowcase you can happily use all year round. It can be a great upgrade to any bedroom. Take our new pillowcase for example. DreamSacks makes a great lightweight and strong case that can provide you with a natural comfort solution.

For those that care about its aesthetic uses.

We hear, "They look and feel so great."

The color luminosity comes from the triangular fibers, a prism like configuration, that allow the light to refract off of it in different directions. The smooth feel of the fiber is created in the way it is "thrown" or weaved together. To get a crinkly fabric an artist will use what is refereed to as a crepe thread method. To get a sheer fabric, like the one in our shop, an artist will use a single thread method.

Legend will say, it makes you look youthful. It helps lessen wrinkles and keeps curly hair tame.

We have heard the tight weave of a pillowcase actually helps lower the amount of wrinkles you wake up with in the morning. The same goes for your curly locks, the smooth surface gives less friction when flipping around in your sleep. It is said to keep a your hair frizz free and shinny, for a longer period of time. Although we have no scientific proof, it seems to make sense!

For those that care about it's practical uses.

We will hear, "I love the way it keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer."

Silk acts like a terry cloth by absorbing up to 30% of it's weight in moisture, which is linked to regulating your body temperature. In the summer when you sweat, the moisture is absorbed into the fiber and off of your body allowing your skin to breath freely. In the winter the tight weave of the fiber keeps your body heat close to your skin to create a natural thermostat. The silk pillowcase feels even better on the Kapok pillow. We have it out ready to try!

Pictured above is our color selection. Also available Green Tea and Soft Blue.